Is a short performative form

Is a solo created from the conversation with the body

Is opening inside

Is an attempt to find inner bodily codes and to open the space of the body singularity 

Is created from the listening and following of the inner process

Is the result of the research in practice that relies on the embodiment philosophy

Is about immersion, opening, and softening, peeping into the multiplicity of the body 

Finds codes that release processes, energies

Use  body, voice, and body inscriptions to communicate the nonverbal message

Concept, performance

Josipa Bubaš


Rina Kotur, Adriana Josipović, Sanja Prnjak, Sibila Petlevski, Tomislav Čuveljak


Anemona Brainwave (Theta), Tomislav Čuveljak


Tomislav Čuveljak


Siva zona unutarnjih procesa,

Suzana Majranić, Zarez, XVI / 384, May 2014

Performed at

HDLU, Zagreb, 2013

Dani Arhiva Tošo Dabac, MSU, 2013

Open Air Jazz Festival Balle Valle, 2014

Become Ani/omalous, MM Centar, 2014, with Suzane Marjanić


Tomislav Čuveljak, Lidija Jasnić