Triangle#2 is a participative piece dealing with demography, created during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and comissioned and produced by Domino as part of the program Future of the political performance.

I have used the ancient symbol of fertility (inverted triangle)and announced a call for participation to write experiences and opinions considering Croatian demography politics, as well as concerning women rights and other issues related to fertility and sexuality. I have posted responses on Fb and on May 1, I have made an inverted triangle of printed responses and burned it in the place where traditionally people burn bonfires to celebrate Worker’s day.

Performance is remotely inspired by the Triangle, by Sanja Iveković, created in 1979. 
In 2021, the publication and the exhibition were created from the contributions participants made for 2020 online performative project.

In 2022, TRIANGLE#2 visited Naples, and 37 guerilla actions were performed on city benches, leaving inverted red triangles and initials of the project participants as a sign of support to the Italian Red Benches initiative against femicide.
In September 2022 installation TRIANGLE#2 was placed in front of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) as part of the Scenes form 30 Years of Croatia, curated by Bruno Isaković. The project is part of the  57th Zagreb Salon and Artupunktura.



Exhibition curators

Karla Pudar and Josipa Bubaš 

Exhibition and panel discussion

took place at Gallery Događanja, KNAP, 2021


Silvija Dogan, Dalibor Jakus

Supported by

The Ministry of Culture and Media and the City of Zagreb