Smo ga pofumali / Popušili smo

The project is a variation on Pino Ivančić’s earlier performance. It is a dialogue between performative strategies and dance and theatre methods, in which each performer uses his/her language while commenting on the manipulative strategies of political structures. In each performance, the piece is completely adapted to different spaces and contexts.


Pino Ivančić


Josipa Bubaš


Pino Ivančić, Josipa Bubaš


Don Bobo Bobanović, Tomislav Čuveljak

Performed at

Zagreb Dance Centar, 2015

Seven Days of Creation, Pazin, 2015

Mali salon, MMSU, Rijeka, as part of Pino Ivančić solo exhibition, 2016

Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of Pino Ivančić solo exhibition, 2022