Paradigm is conceived as an experiment, choreodrama, performance that deals with the lover’s relationship that, after a long time, comes to an end. Two performers question, investigate and change the perception and open new questions about paradigms as the cause, example, and model of behavior. Being together, they start to resemble each other, their identities mutate, and She takes over His characteristics and vice versa. They become surreal twins. The mutation is omnipresent, physical as well as psychological.

Concept, director, costumes

Željko Drmić

Coreography, performance

Josipa Bubaš, Željko Drmć


Željka Sančanin


Hrvoje Radnić; Mačka: Salvador Farinelli; Fotografija 


Darko Vaupotić, Leo Vitasović


Darko Vaupotić

Performed at

Galerija SC, 2015
Teatar&td, 2016


“Kolaž” association in cooperation with the Culture of Change of the Student Center of the University of Zagreb

Production, assistant

Lana Nikolić


Darko Vaupotić, Leo Vitasović