The performance takes place in the limited space where the performer occupies the space creating, a kind of habitat, defining her territory. The space limits function at the same time as the space of exposition but also as a barrier that prevents the entry into the space of the institution, which is an obvious comment on cultural politics. The performer is almost in laboratory conditions, In these conditions, she rejects the paradigm of humanity

and starts becoming different modalities of living. She rejects her identity and becomes an organism that explores its possibilities while the performance itself becomes the performance of state of being, not activity.

Performed at

MM Centar, SC, Zagreb, 2019

Festival Barutana, Galerija Kazamat, Osijek, 2019


Tomislav Čuveljak


MM Centar


Prošireni horizonti dehumaniziranosti, Ivan Paić, Plesna, 2. lipnja 2021.