Horror vacui

Horror Vacui is three hours durational performance. The performer is put in a situation of non-stop production oft he performative materials, with all usable performative tools. movement, voice, text. The performance is unprepared, improvised and the performer is in the situation to create a satisfying performance for the audience. There is no escape fromthe performative situation. What will happen when all the performative tools are exhausted? At Varaždin festival, due to exhaustion, lack of preparations but also loud, unpredicted music in the space, the performer gave up the task after an hour and a half. In Zagreb and Osijek the performance lasted 3 hours.

Performed at

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2018

Festival Barutana, MLU, Osijek, 2018

18. Days of Performance, Varaždin, 2019


Tomislav Jagar, Andrea Knezović, GMV Archive