Corporeal and Digital

Corporeal and Digital educational project deals with the digitalization of life, as well as with the corporeality, observed from the pandemic perspective which forced us to stay in our homes. 

The workshop offers basic knowledge about video and editing, the theoretical background of visual culture, transmedia storytelling, and on the other hand, the embodiment practices which ground and provide fuller experience of the body possibilities. Through observation of everyday movements and house jobs, participants create their video works published at the Corporeal and Digital FB page.

Workshop leaders:

Photo, video, editing

Tomislav Čuveljak

Psychiatrist, theraput

Dragan Puljic

Transmediastorytelling expert

Dalibor jakus

Visual culture

Leonida Kovač

Embodiment and perfromance

Josipa Bubaš

Author of the project

Josipa Bubaš

Supported by

the Ministry of Culture and Media RH