UO Istovremeno, in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art, organizes the third part of the cycle TijeloRIJEČI: Trnsko, which deals with the process of transition and takes as its starting point the transformation of the former Nama into the space of various shopping centers – from Kerum, Konzum and today’s Spar. Through changes in working conditions, attitudes towards the community and consumption, we observe how social changes have shaped our everyday life.


Av. Dubrovnik 17 and 16

11-12 h MSU: The Art of Transition, Renata Filčić, curatao at the MSU will guide us through works from the collection that can be read as a reflection of the political, economic and social events of a certain period, but also as a commentary on them. As part of the exhibition Awareness! Resist! React! Performance and politics in the post-Yugoslav context of the 1990s, artistic work is no longer a reflection, it becomes an action, and the medium is its body. Our focus will thus be on performance as a form of personal or organized artistic resistance in these stormy times, the consequences of which we are still feeling. The guide to the Collection as a verb and the political performance exhibition will be an introduction and stimulus to the literary-dance workshop that follows, raising questions about capitalism in art, thematizing transition and related artistic phenomena.

12 – 2 p.m TijeloRIJEČI Workshop, MSU/Avenue Mall: The Body in Transition, Josipa Bubaš and Neva Lukić__The workshop begins with a one-hour guide through selected works from the MSU collection. After the guidance, we will talk about the experience we went through, we will consider the ways we move in the museum, the atmosphere that surrounds us and the associations it evokes. We will also deal with the texts we encountered on the museum walls. We will record impressions with movement and text. After the museum, we will move to the Avenue Mall where we will deal with the movement of the shopping center, its atmosphere, gestures, signs, advertisements and characteristic shops. We will compare the space of the museum with the space of the shopping center, exploring the latter through movement and text. By sensitively comparing the two spaces, we will encourage thinking about the transition that the body goes through when changing the context. No previous experience is necessary, everyone is welcome!

applications at: www.msu/događa


18 h Lecture: Transition, Ph.D. Ivan Burić We open the topic with a lecture and a panel discussion where we deal with the memory of the neighborhood and the process of transition, where we analyze the changes in working conditions through the transformation from a socialist to a capitalist economy, using the example of the goods magazine NAMA, whose place in the neighborhood, after Kerum and Konzum, was taken over by Spar. Prof. Burić will talk about transition processes and the formation of a consumer society, as well as changes in working methods.

Discussion: Work then and now guest: Sanja Vičić, former employee of NAME in Trnsko moderated by: Josipa Bubaš We talk about the attitude towards work, the feeling of belonging and togetherness, the conditions and dignity of work.


The project is supported by the  City of Zagreb



January 03. 2022 @ 18 h, closing of the exhibition I. J. Pino: Gesamtkunstwerk kr(i)vi i popela


Museum of Contemporary Art, MSU


Josipa Bubaš, Josip Ivančić – Pino