BodyWORDS: Trnsko_Urban and Green Rhythm

BodyWORDS: Trnsko_Urban and Green Rhythm

BodyWORDS:Trnsko Urban and Green Rhythm

Community project BodyWords:Trnsko
Urban and Green Rhythm
Concept, Production: UO Istovremeno
Partners: Museum of Contemporary Art
– socialistic urbanism/balance of urban and green/public spaces
-lecture Kristina Perkov (Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb): context of socialistic urbanism
-art – visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, curatorial guide through works that deal with aestetics of socialistic urbanism
– Workshop: experience of immersion in rhythms of neighborhood, through movement and text
The project is part of the European Mobility Weak
Supported By City of Zagreb


September 22., 23., 30; October 1, 2023


MO Trnsko, Museum of Contemporary Art, public spaces


OU Istovremeno