Body is the best house

 Interdisciplinary online art education One’s own body in the world is like a heart in an organism: it continuously keeps the visible scene alive, it revives it and nourishes it from the inside, it forms a system with it. Maurice Merleau Ponty Artless’s Art Generator II: The Body is the Best House is a series of online video tutorials aimed primarily at performing artists and aspiring artists. The project was named after the title of a story by Željko Zorica, the founder of Studio Artless. The story humorously talks about a spirit without a body and the embodiment of a spirit, and the “borrowing” of a body. Through its content, we open the issue of being in the body, individual and collective relationship to the body. We encourage dealing with issues of body and embodiment, perception, senses and perception of the world, attention and consciousness, speech as a “worldly explanation of bodily existence”, language, mathematical and subjective time, space, criticism and freedom.


Studio Arles


May 2022.